Powdermax™ Powder Weighing Balance Enclosure

Powdermax™ Powder Weighing Balance Enclosure

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    • Chemical and abrasion resistant removable phenolic worktop
    • Isocide™ antimicrobial coated structure eliminates 99.9% of bacterial presence on external surfaces within 24 hours
    • A fully configurable Sentinel™ microprocessor control with audible and visual alarms for unsafe conditions
    • 2 (two) provisions for electrical wiring at the back to easily connect any apparatus to a power supply from inside the main chamber
    • Built-in 5000k warm white fluorescent lighting
    • Optional transparent acrylic back-wall, ideal for classrooms and educational demonstrations
    • Optional mobile cart for placement of Powdermax™ 1. It has foldable trays to accomodate storage of large equipment.
    Model No. External
    Dimensions (mm)
    Dimensions (mm)
    Velocity (Inflow)
    Velocity (Downflow)
    PW1-3A1 840 x 700 x 1125 820 x 650 x 848 0.50 (m/s) /
    100 (fpm)
    - 220-240 V,AC, 50 Hz,1 ø
    PW1-3A2 110-120 V,AC, 60 Hz,1 ø
    PW1-3A3 220-240 V,AC, 60 Hz,1 ø

    The Powdermax 1 is available with a number of options and accessories to meet your needs. These include:

    • Mobile cart with foldable trays
    • Height-adjustable lab chair
    • Ergonomic foot rest

    Further customization specifications are available upon request.